Who We Serve


Who We Serve

While we tailor each engagement to suit each client’s unique situation and goals, we have succeeded by using Vivient’s client-centered and collaborative approach to compensation strategy and planning.

DISCOVER: Understand your company’s specific situation – We interview key constituents at each client to understand fully your company situation, strategic and financial objectives, culture, and individual perspectives on compensation. Further, we invest time to understand the industry in which your company operates as we know that business economics, competitive practice, and your company’s competitive position all influence the design of your compensation plan.

ANALYZE: Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis – We evaluate current compensation programs across multiple dimensions. We utilize relevant compensation data to assess the competitiveness of your company’s compensation programs. We consider different compensation programs in light of governing best practices and alignment of shareholders’ interests, including pay for performance.

REVIEW: Discuss findings and alternative solutions – We discuss our findings with you and explore alternative compensation solutions. We understand that this may be a multi-step process requiring buy-in from key constituents within your company. We are adept at organizing and facilitating internal meetings to come to a desired solution.

IMPLEMENT: Finalize and implement recommendations – After refining the desired compensation solution and obtaining final approval from decisionmakers, our team is available to assist with plan implementation, including communication, documentation and training.

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