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Hire Us For

Hiring a professional compensation consultant can help you quickly and effectively solve short term pay and incentive plan issues while helping to build a sustainable and scalable compensation platform for the long term.
At Vivient, we have helped clients solve a variety of compensation problems including:

  • Restructuring compensation to meet changes in organizational structures:
    • New CEO or management team
    • Merger or acquisition
    • Value-realizing event such as an Initial public offering (IPO) or sale
    • New round of financing
    • Restructuring or turnaround
    • New division or business unit
    • Strategic shift
  • High-growth startups and companies with understaffed or decentralized HR functions where talent decisions have been made ad hoc
  • Specialized industries where clients have had difficulty attracting and retaining key talent
  • New management objective to instill a more performance-focused culture
    • Bonuses seen as an entitlement
    • Employees do not understand how their actions affect company performance
  • Company compensation planning would benefit from a professional perspective:
    • Incentive plan performance measures and goals have been based on an ineffective budgeting process
    • Private company or subsidiary executives lack incentives that reward them for long-term value creation
    • Bonuses or sales commissions do not appear to adequately match the level of performance achieved by key hires
    • Client is interested in exploring alternatives to stock options for incenting employees

Learn more about the specific areas where the Vivient team can add value to your short and longer term compensation strategy and planning:

Board of Directors Pay Plans
Compensation Strategy & Benchmarking
Long-Term Incentive Plan Design
Annual Incentive Plan Design
Compensation Audits
Communication Tools