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Increasingly we find that private companies are adopting public company governance practices such as using formal Compensation Committees consisting of internal or external Board members.  Unlike publicly traded companies where a Board Compensation Committee is a requirement, private companies establish formal Compensation Committees for reasons such as the desire for: A more defined and objective […]

Vivient Consulting recently analyzed using 2014 proxy data the CEO pay of 40 publicly traded regional banks in the West (ranging from $500 million to $10 billion in assets).  Based on our findings, regional bank CEO pay is predominantly cash-oriented.  Median salary ($400,000) and annual incentives ($225,000) represent over 75% of total pay mix.  Median […]

Overview: Vivient Consulting analyzed 2013 CEO pay levels and trends at publicly traded Southern California middle-market companies (120 companies with revenue size $50 million to $1 billion).  Median total direct compensation was approximately $1.9 million, up 5.1% from the prior year.  Interestingly, about half of the companies that awarded annual incentives provided the CEO with […]